Casino Royale

In the Decades collection we go back to the 50's. The time of the real gentleman, with iconic heroes like James Dean, James Bond, Frank Sinatra and Elvis. These confident womanizers knew how to act in every situation and to get a woman on every finger. The Casino Royal print takes you into the dangerous adventure of the action hero of the 50's. In the print you see playing card symbols that take you directly into the world of gambling. Dare to take a risk like a spy of the 50's.

About Muchachomalo

Muchachomalo is Spanish for Bad Boy. Working with this idea our artists, with creative open minds and intuition of your manhood’s daily comfort, have created a collection of vibrant, off the wall, comfortable men’s underwear. Each year, expanding on a theme, our artists put their unique designs and colours on your underwear, rekindling the bad boy in each of you.